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Why Liebherr

1. Know-how that matters!

With almost 60 years’ experience, Liebherr-Hausgeräte specialises in the development and production of the very finest refrigeration appliances, which offer the highest quality and superb design. Innovative ideas pushing the envelope when it comes to convenience and energy saving are regularly incorporated into Liebherr’s appliances. Back in 1993 Liebherr was the first manufacturer to change over to CFC-/HFC-free refrigerants for its entire range of free-standing domestic appliances.

Liebherr’s manufacturing processes are also geared to the efficient use of resources. Take, for example, the heat naturally generated during appliance manufacture: it is recycled as heat energy. Liebherr uses environmentally compatible powder coatings for all its sheet metal. They contain no solvents and no waste water which might have a negative impact on the environment. The plastic parts are marked for optimal recycling.

2. Unequalled refrigeration performance

NF X 15-140 test sensor position


Liebherr professional refrigeration products are designed, manufactured and tested to preserve the integrity of the valuable merchandise stored inside, whether it be medicine, vaccines, food or beverages. For example all Liebherr laboratory cabinets are tested in-house to the NF X 15-140 test procedure. This ensures that all cabinets have the correct temperature calibration at any point within the cabinet.

Demand responsive hot-gas defrosting, minimises the time of defrost cycle, temperature rise, increasing temperature stability and consistency.

Large surface area evaporators and highly efficient fans ensure that freshly stored merchandise is cooled quickly and the temperature within the entire cabinet remains uniform.


3. Award-winning energy efficiency

Energy efficiency always has been, and remains of central importance to Liebherr. It is one of the major influences on the design of the commercial appliances. To illustrate the point, Liebherr received three of the five 2006 ProCool awards for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerators and freezers for commercial use. The energy consumption of the award-winning appliances was as much as 70 % below the market average.

Liebherr’s extremely energy-efficient commercial appliances also enjoy top energy consumption rankings in various international countries and states, such as the Netherlands and California. Precision electronic control systems, optimised refrigeration components, maximum insulation, and highly efficient compressors ensure that energy efficiency is constantly improved.


4. ActiveGreen

For Liebherr, ActiveGreen starts early on in the design stages of professional refrigerators and freezers. Liebherr uses high-quality components for reliable operation and top energy efficiency even if appliances are exposed to the toughest demands posed by professional use. By combining precision controllers with highly efficient refrigeration components, Liebherr’s professional appliances offer exceptional energy savings.

Liebherr is the first company to change over its entire range of professional laboratory and food service refrigerators and freezers to the environmentally friendly R 290 and R 600a refrigerants. They are HFC-free and have no detrimental effects whatsoever on the ozone layer and the associated greenhouse effect. In addition to this, the use of new, highly efficient compressors allows a significant reduction in the energy consumption of the appliances. All Liebherr production sites are certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.


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5. Premium product quality

Product quality and the resulting long useful life are primary considerations when assessing the environmental life cycle of a commercial appliance. Liebherr uses high-quality and well-balanced components thus ensuring a long useful life expectancy. The refrigeration quality of the appliances plays an important role in keeping products fresher for longer – an aspect of particular importance in the professional sector. Rapid cooling, temperature stability, correct humidity and quick defrosting are key aspects.

Hygiene is another major factor and is fundamental to the design of all Liebherr professional appliances. For instance, wherever technically possible, the cabinets are designed and constructed to avoid joints and seams. As a prime example, the extensive use of moulded inner liners makes cleaning simpler and more hygienically effective.

Also electronic controllers feature a single membrane interface and are HACCP compliant.